PUBG Mobile now brings Zombie mode and gameplay changes

PUBG Mobile is taking the tactically intense Battle Royale to new extremes by adding an army of the undead to the game.

Yes, that is right, the long-awaited Zombie mode has finally made its way to the mobile version of the game and fans cannot contain their excitement. Notably, the new mode is part of update 0.11.0.


Zombie mode, still in beta, provides exhilarating Battle Royale twist

Zombie mode is still in the beta version. The gameplay of this mode is similar to the normal Battle Royale experience but has the added twist of zombies.

Players will start on the base Erangel map and as they keep on facing increasingly lethal waves of zombies, they can collect items and resources by killing this army of the undead.

Zombie mode a result of collaboration with ‘Resident Evil’

As we had reported, PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 are collaborating.

To celebrate this, the Zombie mode has been introduced as a new limited time event.

Titled RE2: Sunset, this mode combines the Battle Royale gameplay that sets PUBG apart, with the zombies and bosses that have made the Resident Evil franchise one of the most popular franchises in the world.

Other changes coming to PUBG Mobile

Among other changes coming to PUBG Mobile, is the addition of moonlight to Vikendi. This is bound to make gameplay more exciting as the visibility will affect tracking and spotting on the newly added snow map…..Read More>>



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