Everything you need to know about it Android Q

Google has a knack for naming Android OS alphabetically after desserts. Last year, it was Pie, meaning this time it will be something starting from Q. While nobody knows what Google has in mind, the top contenders this year are real tongue twisters like Quiche,Quindim, Quaker Oats, Qottab, Qurabiya, Queen of Puddings, Quesito, and Quirks.

Features: System-wide Dark Mode


The first developer preview of Android Q is yet to be released, but XDA Developers have already tested an early build of the OS.

In the independent analysis, they spotted a ton of new features, including a system-wide dark mode for reducing the strain on your eyes and saving battery.

The Dark Mode, when activated from settings, will apply to all screens, even apps.

Face-ID like facial recognition system

Along with dark mode, Android Q may also have a Face ID-like facial recognition system.

The feature was not available for use, but the XDA Developers did witness various signs in the leaked build’s code confirming that Google is indeed working on bringing native support for secure facial recognition.

Presumably, the feature will show up in the final release.

Enhanced privacy controls, permission settings

Android Q will also simplify permission settings, giving users a better, clearer idea of which app is using what hardware of your phone (like a microphone or camera).

The revamped settings, as per the leaked build, will be accessible through a dedicated ‘Privacy’ option and will let you tweak certain permissions like location access to only when you’re using a particular app.

Reverse app updates

Further, the code of the leaked Android Q build hinted that users may also get an option to reverse app updates.

Google has been allowing users to uninstall updates for system apps, but roll-back for third-party apps could mean a healthy new way to stay away from updates capable of breaking apps or destroying fancy features……….Read More>>


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